Fence Staining & Sealing

Wood elements add so much warmth and character to the interior and exterior of your home.  Fence staining and sealing the wood is a critical step in preserving the material, which will not only enhance the visual appearance, but will significantly extend the lifespan.

Wood Staining & Sealing

A wood fence is an asset to many homeowners, as it can provide privacy and security.  Wood fences can also add an element of visual appeal to your property.

Proper care and maintenance is necessary to keep your fence boards protected in the Alabama climate.  Staining helps to protect the wood from damaging UV rays, water deterioration, and mold/mildew.  Regular sealing will prolong the life of your fence and deck.

As fence staining experts for more than 25 years, we found products that protect and help extend the life of your investment. With on-the-spot quotes and a variety of color choices, it takes only minutes to decide if Pickle’s Painting is the right choice for your project. 


Fence Assessment

It’s important to protect your newly installed fence as soon as recommended.  If your fence was constructed with pressure treated lumber, you must allow it to first cure, typically for about 3 months.  Stain and sealant should be applied immediately to fences constructed with non-treated wood.

If you prefer the natural color and grain of your wood, you may decide to have your fence protected with a clear sealant, which will only slightly darken the wood.  If you prefer a different color or would like less grain to show, you can select a stain color and transparancy level.


Stain & Sealant Application

After allowing any recommended curing time to pass for treated lumber, it’s time to select your desired stain color and transparancy level.  We use products that have the stain and sealant combined.

Your Pickle’s Painting team will apply 2 coats of the stain/sealant product, allowing adequate drying time in between coats.  The product will be applied to all exposed fence surfaces.  The entire process can typically be completed in a day.


Fence Maintenance

To best protect your investment, it is important not only to initially stain and seal your wood fence, but to ensure the wood remains protected over time.  Most fences need to be resealed every 3 to 5 years.

We always perform a water test to determine if a fence needs to be recoated.  If the wood absorbs water, it is time to reapply the sealant.  If not, it is crucial not to apply the sealant product, as it will not fully be absorbed, ultimately resulting in the top layer of product pealing.  We will gladly provide a free assessment and estimate.

Benefits of Sealing Wood

A privacy fence or deck is a significant investment to a homeowner.  The intense sun and frequent rain showers common to the Alabama coastal area will rapidly deteriorate a new fence.  A well sealed fence will offer the much needed protection against the elements.  You can expect to double the life expectancy of a properly sealed fence.

An unsealed fence rapidly weathers, causing the wood to dry out, crack, warp, which also causes a drastic change in color. A properly sealed fence, not only helps preserve the wood, it greatly improves the asthetic appeal of your fence.  

Wood Fence Staining & Sealing

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