Exterior Painting

A quality exterior paint job will last for many years. The key to achieving this level of quality lies in the surface prep and product selection.

Our Process

Rest assured that our expert painters will pay special attention to the details every step of the way.  We’re always here to answer any questions you may have.  It’s very important to us that our customers are very satisfied.  We want to help you become better informed so that you’re able to make the best product selections for your specific needs.


Surface Prep

When it comes to painting the exterior of your home and buildings, the prepping of the surface is a critical step. Any mold or mildew must be killed.  The surface must then be throughly washed and rinsed so that the product adhears as intended to the surface.  Your home is then inspected to identify any rotted or damaged wood.  Cracks are repaired and unnecessary gaps are filled.  Any rusty nails are treated with a rust destroyer product to prevent further breakdown.


Product Selection

Different types of products are recommended based on your particular exterior surface.  For example, a light color super paint is typically best for vinyl siding, as it disguises any natural warping in the siding.  With hardy board, it is important that it is primed with a product capable of bonding to the specific surface.  New wood siding is best primed with an oil based primer, prior to applying 2 paint coats on both sides of the wood for extra protection from moisture and the elements.  It is important to prime unpainted brick with a masonary primer that is breathable. Regardless of if your home has wood siding, hardy board, vinyl siding or a brick surface, we will recommend the appropriate paint type and best colors for the job.


Product Application

As with the the interior painting process, we work from the highest to lowest surface when applying stain and paint.  Two coats of paint are applied.  For previously unpainted surfaces, an appropriate primer is applied prior to the coats of paint.  Since coastal Alabama has a high humidity level and receives a lot of rainfall, we typically add a special mildicide to the exterior paint.  We’ve found that it helps control and slow the growth of the mildew.  We take all the necessary steps needed to extend the life of your paint job.

Concrete Staining & Painting

Does your concrete porch, patio or pool deck need some attention?  Concrete staining is a great way to refresh and add interest to a focal point.  We can easily help you select a finish that will compliment your existing exterior design and coordinate with your outdoor furniture.  

Pickle’s Painting specializes in concrete staining and painting.  We are also one of the few painting companies who have the equipment and skills to apply epoxy garage floor finishes.  Epoxy coated floors help protect against oil leaks and spills.

There are many options to choose from.  Do you prefer a wet or dry look?  Do you like a solid or more varied finish?  Solid, semi-transparent and transparent products are available.  Compounds, such as sand may be added to increase texture for visual or anti-skid safety purposes.  Our team will gladly help you achive the look you desire.

Painted Concrete Walls and Floors

“Pickle’s Painting did a very thorough exterior paint on our home. The employees were showed care and pride in their work. We are very pleased and would definitely use them again.”

Alan Pate

Painting is our passion. Making people happy is our mission.

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